13 May 2012

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Women Military and Veterans Workshop May 6, 2012
Sunday, May 13th, 2012 1 Comment

ArtReach Trainers Miranda Smith, Karimah Dillard, and Carolyn Bacon led several participants in a workshop exclusively for women military personnel and veterans on May 6. These women connected with one another around the metaphor of weaving through the use of meditation, art, music, drama, and creative writing. We hope to hold more workshops for female veterans, as well as veteran spouses and families. Thanks go to Richard Garner, Director of Georgia Shakespeare at Oglethorpe University, for your ongoing continuing donation of space for our workshops!

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  1. This class the instructors their commitment are all a “wow” factor.
    I had a life changing exiperience in a well thought out and prepared environment
    Which was emotionally safe. I was able to connect lost feelings in a
    Meaningful and healthy way. It really was like playing and getting to be a kid
    Again. I like how they show me how to take my broken pieces and make something Beautiful and meaningful from them for my life.

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