16 Oct 2012

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Thank You To Mary Beth Johnson, Jewerly Designer!
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The ArtReach Foundation would like to offer our sincere thanks and a shout out to Mary Beth Johnson, jewelry designer and supporter of our mission!

Just in time for holiday shopping, we invite you to visit MiaLena Designs page and learn about its Founder, Mary Beth Johnson. Marybeth lives in Tuscon and became aware of ArtReach’s work during our “Breaking the Veils U.S.Tour” in 2009.

At that time, Mary Beth met by chance our Tour Co-Chair, Katrina Griessman and learned about our mission. Since then, she has held the idea of one day making a bracelet to sell that would also benefit our cause by sharing a percentage of her sales. Today, her intention and unique style is doing just that.

Even at first glance, the prayer bead bracelets have a compelling presence. Whether it is their inherent significance, or the rich, organic colors, shapes and textures that Marybeth chooses, her jewelry commands attention. She uses beads from all over the world that convey a sense of history. “I love to use old beads and pendants that have meaning and life of their own,” she says. “I love to hold them in my hand and think about where they came from and who made them.”

Follow the link to her creations: http://www.mialena.com/collections/good-juju-bracelets/artreach-foundation. These bracelets are inspiring and meaningful, and we are awed by Mary Beth’s kindness and generosity. Thank you again, Mary Beth, for supporting our cause and joining in our dream to help those who have suffered from the wounds of war, natural disaster and violence. We wish you the best of luck in your continued creative endeavors. You have been certainly held the intention to become an angel to our Foundation.

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