Breaking the Veils

“The ArtReach Foundation is honored to have been selected by the Royal Society of Fine Arts of Jordan to be the presenting organization of this unique exhibition, Breaking the Veils: Women Artists from the Islamic World. This exhibition has been shown in sixteen European cities and Australia during the last five years, and ArtReach is pleased to present this important U.S. tour. We hope you will consider supporting our effort to advance cross-cultural understanding and dialogue through this landmark exhibition.”
– Susan M. Anderson, Founder, The ArtReach Foundation

Project Bosnia

“Now, when the eyes of the world have once again refocused on a time of horrific pain and suffering in Bosnia, as a result of the arrest of former Commander of the Yugoslav Army, General Ratko Mladic, I reflect on the many incredible people whom I met during my time there (1999-2005). The ArtReach Foundation made this our first place in which to offer our training programs that use the creative arts to assist in healing from trauma. I shall never forget the stories of sorrow, loss, and hopelessness. At the same time, I will always remember the dedicated and compassionate teachers, social workers, doctors, parents, artists and humanitarians who somehow found hope and strength to not only survive, but to look forward towards a better day for the next generation. May peace and justice prevail, and may these people be a beacon of light for us all.”
– Susan M. Anderson, Founder, The ArtReach Foundation

Project Gulf Coast

Project Jordan

Many ArtReach supporters have told us that the Project Lebanon Blog provided, perhaps for the first time, a direct window into the impact of the ArtReach training experience, and a view into the personal, emotional responses that are expressed, acknowledged and respected by the ArtReach Faculty and training participants. The ArtReach Training Workshop sponsored by J.O.H.U.D. and held in Amman, Jordan (Jan. 27-31, 2008) provided an opportunity for us to expand the scope of ArtReach “blog” journaling to include other voices, perspectives, and impact impressions from ArtReach training participants.

Project Middle East

ArtNotes from the Field