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Message from the Founder:

I believe that within each person is the capacity to engage two of our greatest gifts as human beings – the imagination and our creativity from which it is manifested. These powerful tools can guide/lead/help us in making our wishes, hopes and dreams become real.

Often, an idea will simply spring to life and never become a reality. But, when it does, how we soar with the thrill of satisfaction!

Last year, I found an old 1996 cassette tape of a recording that I had commissioned for another project. Though the project never saw the light of day, my dream did became a reality – helping people to use their imagination and creativity for self- healing. That manifestation is called The ArtReach Foundation.

So today, thanks to my team of amazing creatives like the songwriter, Bob Reiher of Innertainment, Inc., arrangers, Jeff Wilkins and Julius Callahan, of Titan Studios, the great kids from Once Upon an Opera and fabulous vocialist, Tasia Ann Thomas, the song was rearranged and recorded to bring awareness to the Foundation’s mission.

And, I am more than ever convinced that all things are possible – If Only You Imagine.

Enjoy our “Making of” music video created by another team member, Jeremy Blair of Blair Bones Media. Then, take a moment and think about what you imagine for yourself, your loved ones, your community, your world.

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— Susan Anderson

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