16 Sep 2012

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Announcing E-greeting cards in time for the Holiday Season!
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We are thrilled to announce that we have partnered with Drawn to Give, an innovative supporter of non-profits, and are now selling ArtReach e-greeting cards! Drawn to Give amazingly hosts e-greeting card galleries for non-profits, free of charge, and donates a large percentage of the sale back to us.

The holidays are right around the corner, and is a great occasion to send someone an e-greeting card, and support ArtReach! It costs only $2.00 to send a card.

Check out the gallery here:

From Drawntogive.com:

Drawn to Give is an environmentally friendly platform for non-profit and charitable organizations to raise funds through the sale of cause-specific electronic greeting cards (“eGreetings”). Our company was born out of our personal experiences and frustrations in using paper holiday greeting cards to support our favorite charities. In a moment of inspiration, it occurred to us that, by automating and innovating the design, sales and delivery process and by facilitating the interaction between charities and the purchasing public, electronic greetings could become a vehicle to help charities to raise money efficiently and in new ways that inspire and enhance the giving experience.

To accomplish these goals, we assembled a team of well-meaning entrepreneurs, including a wise financier, philanthropic philosopher, literary litigator, altruistic artist, technical wizard and a strategic samaritan.

We are very excited by what we have accomplished. The Drawn to Give portal makes it possible for our charity partners to increase their revenues—at no upfront cost and with very little time commitment—by teaming with Drawn to Give to sell eGreetings to their existing contributors and to many substantial new contributors we introduce.

Drawn to Give is proud to donate a material portion of all our sales revenue to our charity partners and help facilitate their good works. We also look forward to working with our patrons, the artistic community and the public at large in transforming the world of eGreetings and personal communications in innovative, fun and sustainable ways.

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