At the ArtReach Foundation, we believe in the power of healing, and the power found in people. We have seen the human spirit triumph overseemingly insurmountable odds through creativity, reflection, and support from our well-trained staff. We have seen growth, and renewal, and acceptance – and we have guided victims of trauma and abuse on the journey to healing and recovery.

Thanks to passionate, professional trainers, volunteers with huge hears, and devoted donors worldwide, we at ArtReach have been blessed enough to realize our dreams.

Having taught workshops since 2000 in war-torn countries like Bosnia, or for disaster-devastated victims from the Gulf Coast, we have provided help through the use of our original ArtReach ModelĀ®. Thousands of teachers, social workers and healthcare professionals have been introduced to the ArtReach methodology, and many of those individuals have then gone on to train others in our unique, multi-faceted healing approach.

As the Foundation expands its efforts to connect communities and change lives, we continue to see profound wounds healed an witness stirring break-throughs in children and adults, both at home and abroad. We also see this with our returning veterans of war who endure unseen wounds and with their families who struggle to support them. All are survivors. All are united worldwide by loss. ArtReach can help.

But, we can’t do it alone. We ask you to help us make a difference, to train more individuals who touch the lives of countless others. Through your generous contributions, the benefits of ArtReach workshops can continue to increase exponentially. Reach into the lives with us, and let the ripples you create provide hope for healing for thousands more.

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