Project Bosnia
ArtReach in Brcko District, 2004
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In 2004, a team of seven Americans joined 12 Bosnian ArtReach-trained trainers and six interpreters to conduct workshops in the Brcko District. Over 120 teachers and 90 students from the surrounding area participated. At the invitation of the Minister of Education, Professor Esad Atic, the community welcomed the ArtReach team. For this the final, full initiative to Bosnia-Herzegovina, the leadership of the program was truly handed over to ArtReach Bosnians trainers. Twelve selected as the first class of trainers worked extremely hard to plan and execute the workshop. Their abilities to keep the ArtReach methods alive in their country were...
ArtReach in Tuzla, 2003
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In August 2003, another ArtReach team returned to the city of Tuzla, BiH. This time it was to begin an intense psychosocial program with the teachers from that region, who had previously attended the 2002 ArtReach workshops. This was ArtReach’s first “Train the Trainer” series of seminars. The purpose of the 2003 program was to reinforce the sustainability of ArtReach’s work with selected teachers from the region. The goal was to fully prepare these teachers to train others in the ArtReach methodology after the five-year initiative was completed in 2004. The professional members of this year’s team were: Bernhard Kempler,...
ArtReach in Tuzla, 2002
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The ArtReach Foundation’s Project Bosnia: Tuzla 2002 represented the third year of a five-year commitment to Bosnia-Herzegovina begun in the year 2000. In each of those three years, and in the remaining two, The ArtReach Foundation equipped educators in communities that have suffered profound trauma to assist the children in their schools. The 2002 program in Tuzla comprised ten days of workshops for 88 teachers and 150 children, together representing 21 schools throughout the city of Tuzla. The host school for the ArtReach workshops was Novi Grad primary school (“New City School”). USAID support rebuilt this school in 1997. Like...
ArtReach in Gorazde, 2001
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In 2001, ArtReach completed their second year of workshops in Bosnia training teachers in various art therapy models to be used with their traumatized students. The workshop was conducted in the town of Gorazde, 80 kilometers east of Sarajevo on the border of the Republik of Srpska. Gorazde was a U.N. Safe Zone, and one of the areas that was “ethnically cleansed.” The team comprised 33 volunteers, ranged in age from 17 to 71 years, and represented the United States, Canada, England, and Bosnia. The results of this incredible team, who worked and lived together from June 7th to June...
ArtReach in Sarajevo, 2000
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In 2000, The ArtReach Sarajevo Project sent a volunteer team of art teachers, school counselors, and art therapists from the USA and Europe to implement phase one of a five year program for Bosnian children. The team spent the first week in Sarajevo training and working with forty-seven local teachers and public health professionals to teach the benefits and techniques of expressive art therapy in a classroom setting. During the process, the teachers were guided through their own emotions and fears as they learned to help children express their emotions through the arts. In the second week, the teachers made...