Our organization’s success is because of those who volunteer in so many ways – donating their time, discounting the cost of their services, collecting goods and generally giving of themselves with all they have to give towards our mission. So a big thanks goes to:

Sinoun Chea
, who created and manages our new website.
John San Miguel, producer of many of our videos over the years, including the latest.
Scott Haney, film editor who worked with John on the latest video.
Morgan Booker, creative writer of content on our Website and Twitter.
Sarah Zibanejadrad, who is making the social media stuff work for us.
George Wieder, our “retired” go-getter who makes life and shopping look easy and fun.
Miranda Smith, who for the last 2 yrs. was always ready to meet any challenge.
John Petty, who is no longer with us but still in our hearts as a dedicated member of our team.
Glenn Goodrich, who has maintained our website for the past 2 yrs.
Jim Stapleton, Omar Lattouf and Ken Dutter, who always open the doors for us in wonderful ways.
Bill Howerton, who makes our program “real.”
Julie Most, Nancy Jones, & Diane Kempler for years of donated art supplies.
Zeena Lattouf, for her talent as a young film maker.
Poppy Harlow, for promoting our work to others.
Christopher Morley, for blogging www.artnotesfromthefield and as photographer of the MEI.
Reid Jenkins, for years of documenting our work in video and photography.
Rabia’a Daou, for keeping the ArtReach light burning brightly in Lebanon
Majed Yaghi, for helping to build our first Board of Directors in Jordan.
HRH Princess Rajwa bint Ali, for giving our NGO In Jordan her Patronage.
HRH Princess Wijdan Al Hashemi, for giving us her trust.
Khalid Khreis and Clara Amado for their abiding hospitality.
Edna Bacon, Z Rosenzweig, Daniel Steppe and Debbara Dingman for their clinical advice.
Heidi Raschke, for her wise counsel.
Tracy Shanor, for her ironman efforts.
All our trainers, for their dedication and devotion.

And, to the countless others who have been there for us (and also traveled with us) along the way, we will never forget your kindness and support.